Growing up I was very curious well maybe it was more confusion than anything else.  My Mother was a woman ahead of her time and in her wisdom decided that I should have the best education possible. To accomplish her mission she took me out of public elementary school and enrolled me in St. John’s Catholic school.

As if that wasn’t enough soon after she had me baptized Catholic and required that I attend Mass every Sunday. Maybe this is where my confusion began because not only was I now attending mass at 7am, I had to also attend the 11am Methodist church services with her.

I was always a studious kid, I loved to read and hung out at the library alot. I was the kind who wondered what’s beyond the sky and I’d climb trees and have conversations… but that’s another story.

During a trip to the library, I came across a book called Sun Signs. When I opened it and found the section on my birthday September 5th, my life changed. I took the book home and read it cover to cover a few times.  That book launched my early career as an Astrology reader.

Many years later Numerology appeared to me, don’t remember how… and I started doing Astro/Numero readings in one.  Soon I realized the Numbers stood out for me in special ways. 

Numerology taught me why I am the way I am and how to really love myself for who I am warts and all, as they say.  It taught me that I came into this life with certain gifts and traits and challenges and opportunities. And, yes Astrology taught me things too helping me understand my Sun/Moon in Virgo with Capricorn rising at 0degrees!!! But Numerology was so succinct, bottomline, to the point… and as you may have guessed by now because I am alllllll Earth – I like the bottom line! 

So yes it helped me learn to appreciate and accept myself and it also did the same to help me understand and accept others. I was able to get past judgements I had about people in my life; siblings, parents, spouse, children, neighbors.… you get the point.

There’s much more I could say but after 15 years of doing readings the feedback I get from clients is often the same. People talk about how the reading opened their world and helped them to know themself and others in ways they hadn’t before. 

It’s amazing – numbers are energy and they tell a true story!