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Be Who You Are is a unique Mentor program. It is ideal for heart centered, conscious women (and progressive men -:)) who are ready to do the personal work moving you beyond the inner games that hold you apart from a fulfilled life.  

The inner games are smothering experiences like fear, doubt, self limiting thoughts, guilt, questioning self value or denying your own passions for others’ sake.  If you are ready to unlock your inner game and learn to integrate qualities of self love and acceptance, trust, set boundaries and embody a fierce confidence to live your dream life …then Be Who You Are is for you.!



..Self-sabotage or fear of failure 
..Recurring negative thoughts or critical self-talk
..Minimizing your qualities and value
..Feeling discomfort or guilt to say…”No”
..Being hyper reactive to others opinions, actions and

..Subordinating yourself in relationships


BE WHO YOU ARE ~ 3 Principles

It’s Always About MeI AM:  I AM the Creator of my life.  If I don’t like something I change it starting with myself.  I Choose to be the Conscious Creator of my life.

I Start Where I Am:  Life happens.!  I choose to learn from it and not judge myself about it.  I fail hard and quick then I stand up and start again with more clarity and inner knowing. No more beating up on myself about past… anything.   I simply move on.

I Get What I Give Out:  What I feel inside is what I get outside.  It’s time to align my head with my heart.  It’s time to Master my personal expression of me.  Learn to Be IN my heart and get OUT of my negative mind, beliefs and toxic thought patterns.



I offer 3, 6 and 9 month Mentor packages. We meet by phone for 45 min, three times per month with as needed email in between.  Before the first session, you will identify specific concerns you choose to release and the goals you want to accomplish. Your progress is measured by how consistently better you feel about yourself as negative beliefs and patterns melt away.  Notice your confidence soar when you show up in life as your authentic self.

My expertise is in helping people let it go by learning to live life consciously and being rooted in self-love, acceptance and appreciation. The permanent result is joy, fulfillment – Peace.

We all have a basic desire to just be happy… Your happiness depends on you. When you no longer give anyone else the responsibility for the way you feel your life can be magical.  

happy woman

Life is about relationships – starting with yourself.   How you relate to yourself is also how you relate to your partner, your work, your health, your money and so on.

  ‘Life really is an inside job!”

At some point we can all benefit from someone like me; I listen deeply,  I do not judge, I support you completely and I offer effective guidance….

~ I Am the Guide by your Side ~


I am not a therapist on an archaeological dig of your life.   I am not a consultant who makes your decisions or does the work for you…   I am your Mentor who will guide you to clear decisions, to clarify your purpose and direction. I will help you master the inner dialog / beliefs that impede your progress and to achieve results that will last forever.

Be open to create new choices and awarenesses.  Challenge yourself.  Be on time.  Complete the between-session assignments.  Keep it real with me. Be gentle with yourself.  

My work with you is sacred ground.  All that flows between us is between us.   My feedback to you is about what I hear, sense, observe and feel – never a judgment.  If you ask a question, expect a candid, unbiased answer.   I will never give up on you, even when you think you have.

Let’s get started ~ Your life is waiting ~ You are not alone.!

Email: and we’ll go from there.

Coaching Session – 45 Minute

Coaching Session – 30 Minutes

Coaching Session – 15 Minutes