~   Balance Emotional States  ~ Increase Body’s Ability to Heal  ~ Minimize Negative Thoughts ~ Release Stress & Anxiety ~


Chakras2We must begin to realize that we are much more than just a three dimensional human body. First and foremost We are Spiritual beings. We are Energy beings. We are Light and we are Frequency…in a physical form. This knowing is a universal law. Energy is the life-force of our physical, mental and emotional bodies. Source Energy Healing helps bring into balance the physical, emotional and mental body’s by helping to lift the vibrational frequencies; which is what it’s all about.

On a physical level, the body is constantly changing. Science has established that our skin is renewed every month, stomach lining cells change every three days, eye cells every forty-eight hours, liver cells every six weeks, and skeleton cells every three months.

The exciting thing is that by consciously participating in your own healing process, you encourage and assist your body to regenerate faster, without the density, toxicity, and blockages that stop you from being vibrantly well.

Numerous studies show that stress is an underlying factor to many health issues, energy “medicine” has proven as an effective, non-invasive way to minimize stress. Bringing balance to the body’s energy field allows healing to occur where energetic blocks have accumulated at the physical, mental and emotional levels.

A balanced energy state is important for everyone, and particularly important for women due to the way hormones flow and influence the chemical balance in our bodies.  Energy balancing can help relieve or even overcome health problems and strengthen the immune system by clearing stagnant, blocked energies.

By restoring and balancing energies that have become weakened (blocked) within the body, deep healing can and does occur.  A balanced energy state is key to increasing vitality and joy in life.


creatorhandI am an intuitive healer coming from a rich heritage of seers, medicine women and hands-on-healers.  From a young age my deepest wanting has been to somehow help others in need. I prayed often for guidance to show me the way to be of service in the world and for many years, due to inner doubt, I resisted the information that came to me as the way(s).

My doubting mind said, “I am not good enough,” that “I cannot do that,” “that I wasn’t pure enough,” yet the knowing of what I am here to do persisted and continued to show me the way.

Since the late 70’s I have been a practicing healer and student of spirituality, new age consciousness, meditation, quantum physics, energy healing, metaphysics, sacred geometry, numerology and astrology.

With so many years in this work and by continuing with my own inner work I am a clear channel for the flow of Source Energy.

After returning from my second trip to Brazil to be in the energy of John of God, my approach to healing changed and so did my overall process. After so many years as a channel for healing it came to me that all modalities have the same point of origin, which I call Source Energy. Even though I have advanced certifications in a variety of prominent healing modalities (and I honor the road I traveled to gain that experiential knowledge), my work took on a very different essence.  I began to tap into the quantum field, working in the hologram with the energy body.

And now, from all that I have learned and experienced, I have developed my own, very effective healing process that my guidance calls Source Energy Healing. It is a multi-dimensional healing system, very sacred, has beautiful energies and feels ancient.  It is a universal healing system which I am learning has more to do with energy frequency and vibratory resonance.  Its purpose has to do ultimately with our ascension to Oneness, reprogramming cellular memory, heart activation, awakening the inner knowing to our Divinity.  I continue learning more everyday.  As an intuitive healer, this is how I describe what I do.

You come and I listen to your experience(s) that you want to me to address. I do not “see” your complaint whatever you believe it is – I see you as the whole, healthy and vibrant being your are.  It is from that clear knowing I am able to act as your go-between, your conduit to Source Energy.  You are the healer, I am just the grounding rod.

Imagine me as a fully charged battery, my hands act as the battery cables extending from my own vibrational frequency via Source Energy.  The positive end of the cable is connected to You and the negative end of the cable is connected to Source. Think of me as a fully charged battery whose purpose is to give your weakened battery a boost.  You may need several energy “boost” sessions until you are able to maintain your own charge which of course is your natural state as an Energy Being.

During a session our energy fields merge in a sense and I trust the energy goes where it needs to go. The energy that comes through for you streams where it is needed most to help you transform the mental, physical and emotional states that challenge your perfect state of wholeness.  It will also assist you in connecting more with your higher knowing to bring about inner peace and clarity.

Following my inner voice, I may use music, crystals, breath work, the color rays, toning and sound to help shift the physical, mental, and emotional energy bodies into balance and a state of well being.

The transference of Divine Source Energy will support you in opening more to your authentic self, make any life changes that will further you on your path and increase your self-awareness. Sessions are intimate and heartfelt. Some experience physical pain and emotional release, tears, laughter, calm and energy pulsations during these sessions.  Everyone is different and I often receive email days later sharing what has changed (shifted) that was not expected or requested as part of the healing session.  It is a simple, gentle and engaging process.

You do not have to believe but you do need to meet me half way. The one ready to work with me wants it, is open to it and allows it. Your active role is being accountable to show up to your session and be fully present. You understand that going from 1 to 100 is not an overnight happening especially when you have been hovering between 1 and 30 most of your life. This is a process which requires a commitment from you to yourself.

In classes, I teach that we are all connected to Source Energy, the Universal Life Force. Just as a tree stands dormant and bare in the winter covered by snow and ice, it remembers how to sprout buds and reenter life in the Spring ~ so does your body know that it has natural, regenerative healing powers.  With that understanding I invite you to consider the same ~ you are perfection, whole and complete. You have just been in a dormant sleep state and now you choose to wake up, be activated and sprout back to life… Good for you!

I look forward to our time together.