vitruvian numbersThe ancient divination tool of Numerology originates from the wisdom of civilizations dating back to 560 AD before recorded history.  Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician is credited with being the first to establish that numbers are an archetype that represents energy.

Who are you, what are your traits and what is your destiny?

Numerology teaches that nothing is by coincidence, not the day you were born or the name you were given.  It unveils your “Cosmic Code” from the information found in your Date of Birth and the Name given at birth.  Numerology embraces the knowledge that you entered this life by choice, at a certain time period and into a certain environment that gives you opportunities to further evolve in consciousness.

Numerology is the “Autobiography of your Soul”

Your birth name and birth date contain your personal blueprint for this lifetime and Numerology is the key to reveal that blueprint.  It validates you, your life and your current journey.



We are born into a world that comes with lots of cultural and societal rules.  These rules are downloaded throughout our young lives, usually by well meaning authority figures such as – parents, teachers, friends and family.  They tell us their version of how to feel, how to think and what should be important to you.  Often we end up trying to be what somebody else’s version of us is.  With all this incoming information reprogramming who you are quite often confusion is the result.  As the saying goes, “You can only be you because everyone else is taken.”  Each of us is unique, so it makes sense that you can only be you right?.  Numerology validates your original blueprint of who you are and what you are here to accomplish.



Numerology validates your natural born talents and the pathway you chose to use those abilities.  Numerology brings you clarity, specifically about your life and your reason for being.  It also identifies challenges and lessons to be learned along the journey of your life and how to master those challenges.  It can help you have a broader understanding of why you are the way you are and to fully embrace every part of you.  And now that you understand yourself better, you are able to be more accepting of others for who they are which releases you from engaging in the behaviors of judging and being critical of others.  It’s a freeing experience to not be bogged down with concerns over someone else’s life and be completely focused on your own.


Your Numerology is specific to You…  It provides clarity like you’ve never had…



I discovered Numerology in my late teens and by my early twenties I was all in.  I started doing charts of friends and family, basically anyone who I could get to sit down with me.

I enjoy weaving the story told by your specific numbers that are right there in your birth name and birth date.  Here is a way to look at it – your numbers are similar to your ATM code, when you input certain numbers it makes your account information available for your view.  As an Intuitive, your numbers are like the ATM code to your Soul that provides a wealth of information about your life and the selected experiences you chose to have.  

I interpret your numbers from the perspective of helping you better understand your choices and primary experiences in your life; also, the opportunities, the lessons, your unique talents, challenges and more.  Your Numerology is like a life-map that is uniquely your own because your numbers are specific to you.

Have you ever wondered about  …….

What types of opportunities and challenges you have in store so you may achieve the highest level of your potentials?

Are you an artist, healer, business executive, humanitarian, attorney, teacher, entrepreneur or …?

What unique gifts did you bring along to accompany you on this life journey?

Everyone is intuitive at some level, what is your prominent intuitive ability; are you clairvoyant, clairaudient, an empath? Do you have prophetic dreams?

To be sure – the language of numerology also talks about your ability to connect to your inner voice… your highest self. .

I provide specific information about you, your life situation, physical, relationships, mental or emotional barriers you may experience and how to address them.  Deep clarity and a sense of purpose is most often the result of a Numerology session with me.


I invite you to check it out, a Numerology session with me could change your life !