You were born on a certain day, in a specific month and year – and – you were given a particular name. The ancient tool of Numerology reveals that your birth information is like the “Autobiography of Your Soul.” Numerology teaches that nothing is by coincidence … not the day you were born or the name you were given. Are you curious why you do what you do, the way you do it over and over again? 

Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician is credited with being the first to establish that numbers are an archetype that represents Energy.  As a Numerologist your numbers are like an ATM code to your Soul. This code provides a wealth of information that is unique to you. I interpret your numbers so you have clarity and so you better understand your experiences and life choices. I describe your unique talents and potential opportunities. I share the lessons and challenges you are here to master in this lifetime, and then I provide guidance on how best to do that.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you are someone who seeks a psychic to predict your future… then my work may not be for you.  While my intuitive skills can and do easily access specific details regarding your upcoming opportunities, loves, jobs, moves and more… please know my work is far deeper than that.

Predictions rarely help and can actually harm you going forward…why? …because you may choose to avoid the essential inner work that is required, or you may choose to simply wait around until things change.  These passive approaches can block your future potentials.

My work is decidedly focused on your Soul’s growth, joyful living, healing and expansion. I understand that your future is CREATED by you and what is taking place INSIDE of you. That is why my work and insights from the Divine will direct you toward the hidden inner aspects of yourself  …that are preventing you from manifesting your dreams.

As the saying goes “You can only be you because everyone else is taken.”  We are born into a world with many cultural and societal rules. These rules are downloaded during our young lives, usually by well meaning authority figures like parents, teachers, preachers.. Etc.  They tell us their version of how to think and what should be important so it’s understandable how we often end up trying to be someone else’s version of us.

Numerology validates your natural born talents and abilities and the pathway where you chose to use those abilities. It will help you understand why you are the way you are often bringing a sense of relief and comfort.

For many, a numerology session with me was a life changing experience….!!!  I invite you to give it a try.

RayNelle Williams

Phone: 650-262-6810