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As a Numerologist I connect to you from the energy of the letters in your birth name and the numbers in your birth date.   and then read your past, present and future energies through them.

Numerology validates your natural born talents and the pathway you chose to use those abilities. Numerology provides clarity  about your life and your reason for being. It also identifies any challenges and lessons to be learned along the journey of your lifetime and how to quickly master those lessons.

It will help you have a much broader understanding of why you are the way you are and to lovingly embrace every part of you.   And by extension of that self awareness it can help you accept others for who they are, which can release you from being hooked into emotional dramas, judgments and criticisms.  It’s truly a beautiful thing that affects every part of the life in a very positive way. You will be much lighter for it…

I provide specific information about you, your life situation and offer insights on ways to enhance your life experience so it is more fulfilled and peaceful.

I also enjoy helping heal relationships through numerology.  Whether its relationship to yourself, a parent and child, spouse, significant other, co-workers, relative, business partner etc.  I provide specific information about the situation, any physical or energetic blocks that may be present and how to resolve them. Deep clarity and a sense of acceptance is most often the result of a reading with me.

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