Energy Healing

GodsgirlLife Force Energy and Healing

Introduction to Energy Healing

Everyone has the ability to engage the healing energies, it’s just a matter of remembering that innate ability and trusting it.

Humans are electrical, energy beings who possess the ability to heal emotional and physical upsets. Think of electricity as an energy current that is in constant, uninterrupted flow. It’s this constant electric energy flow that creates the power for a light bulb to light up or a car battery to stay charged.

In order for electricity to flow it must be “grounded.” Being grounded is how the electrical circuit stays in natural flow and working properly. When that electrical circuit is not grounded the energy flow is disrupted and causes the light bulb to flicker or the car battery to drain and need recharging. When the electric flow is disrupted in the human being it causes a flicker in the emotional or physical energy systems.

My gift is being the temporary grounding needed to boost your energy circuitry back to its natural flow. This process requires both our participation; you by showing up and allowing the process of reconnecting to yourself and myself by being totally present as your temporary grounding to kick-start your flow.

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