Greetings and Welcome!

Our ancestors got it right. In their down-to-earth times there was an intimate relationship with subtle energies in ways that are often disregarded these days. They understood the natural human connection to energy and unseen forces because they took the time to experience it.

I am an Intuitive Empath. I connect to the core of people through their emotions… I relate energetically and then guide the healing process. I am an Empathic Healer.

Services Offered
Multidimensional Energy Healing
Transformational Guidance
Numerology Record Readings
Guided Imagery
Group Healing

More than 25 years ago I was guided to  allow my own inner expansion so that I could be in service to the many.  In these years I have been honing my abilities of clairaudience, clairsentience and as a channel for healing to assist people on their life journey.  Your and my expansion is never done.  Change is ever constant.

Let the Healing Begin,

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