Numerology Chart Session
1 hour                      $150
This Numerology session is the most popular.  It goes in-depth and provides a great deal of insight about you, who you are and what you are here to experience in this lifetime.  It explains the energies of your future and the potential of what you can expect in the upcoming time frame.  It validates your personal traits by highlighting your talents and abilities as well as helping you to understand and ways to overcome any potential challenges.  It explains your Life Purpose, what you are destined for, how to live up to its full potential and  the pathway to achieve it.  This session can also be customized to address specific concerns you are having right now or to answer specific questions you may have.

Relationship Compatibility
90 mins                      $250
The Relationship Compatibility session explores the dynamics of a relationship by a thorough analyses of the Numerology of both people, partners or potential partners.   This session is for any type of relationship whether it is a family member you would like to better understand, a work colleague, an employee, a potential sweetheart or a spouse.  The Relationship Compatibility session is also a good way to address issues or questions in an existing relationship and gain new understanding of the nature of your partner and the energy of your combined interaction.  By looking at the number we gain clarity on the potential for long term compatibility by examining your strengths and weaknesses side-by-side.

Personal Year Session
1 hour                      $140
The Personal Year Session focuses on your current twelve month period and explains what energy will be influencing your experiences as shown by your Numerology chart.  The personal year cycle is a nine-year cycle of personal growth where each year number brings a unique personal theme to the type of experiences and lessons you will encounter for that year.  In many respects the personal year number has the strongest influence for the current year, it’s like your unique compass helping you enhance opportunities and to avoid missteps.  Is this your year to take action and initiate ideas or this your year to plan, organize and build a solid foundation?  This sessions tells you what is currently playing out in your life and how best to use that energy to your advantage so you are in sync with positive life change.

This is a time-limited special offer for group events such as classes, workshops or retreats.  When you attend a group event you will be informed of the special offer available at that time and provided with instructions during the event.

NOTE:  Session Recording
The recording of your session is a courtesy.   However, because errors are possible we cannot be held responsible for technical difficulties that may lead to full or partial loss of your recording. Your session recording will be sent to you via email and should arrive within 1 week.  NOTE:  A recording is not provided for SPECIAL OFFER sessions.