This program is a long-term, ongoing commitment for families to heal.
Families are people bonded together through Love.  I teach parents, children and teens to live together with love, respect and cooperation.  I work with families to help them remove the walls, re-establish relationships and come together.

Every family is different and has unique values and each family member has a distinct personality, opinion and outlook who wants respect for who they are.  

Do you or members of your family experience:

  • Frustrating communication breakdowns, the silent treatment
  • Unspoken expectations or impossibly high standards
  • A teenager or young adult who is angry, disconnected and disrespectful
  • Rudeness, stubborn-my way or the highway attitude, indifference
  • Passive / Aggressive behaviors
  • Resentments, hurt feelings or slamming doors

This is where my expertise as your Family Mentor comes in.  I combine tools and methods that are evidence-based and proven effective.

Parents will learn how to:

  • Manage daily challenges using proven, easy techniques
  • Understand their child’s personal needs and development
  • Improve parenting skills that work for you
  • Communicate in neutral, balanced and loving ways
  • Take quality time for yourself

Children will learn how to:

  • Be self-confident and empowered
  • Effectively communicate and express him/herself
  • Listen and respond with a positive attitude
  • Achieve more success in school, sports and friends

The Family will:

  • Feel loved, accepted and safe
  • Peacefully co-exist with compassion for each other
  • Establish and commit to shared family values
  • Be accountable, responsible and cooperative
  • Have fun together

As your Family Mentor I will work in a holistic way.  My first step is to become acquainted with each family member to understand their perspective. Each family situation is different, and action beyond the first step is highly customized to meet the family needs.

RayNelle Williams

Phone: 650-262-6810