The heart beats. The lungs breathe. The eyes blink… it’s automatic because it’s energy. Technically speaking energy is electromagnetic light and is electric in nature.  I am an Energy Healer and Teacher of Energetics. Your physical body is comprised of atoms, molecules, subatomic particles etc. it is a living system of vibrational Energy in motion. Thoughts and emotion regulate the energy frequency of each cell within our bodies.  When the natural flow of energy is depleted so too are your living systems. It is subtle yet powerful, it is ancient yet truth.

Think of an Energy Healing session like a reboot to your system or recharging the voltage in your battery. This is true whether your concern is emotional, mental, spiritual or physical. I use several Energy methods all of which assist the mind and body to relax out of habitual patterns of tension, stress response and imbalance. Each healing method is noninvasive, simple and efficient. Depending on your needs (unless you specify) I will customize your session using one or more of the following methods.  My work is sacred ground and I would love to support your growth and well being.

Source Energy Healing

A Source Energy healing (SE) session is a foundational method.  SE is primarily focused on the body’s energy centers known as Chakra’s.  Each of the 7 Chakras govern a specific area of our life.  For example the 1st Chakra governs the home life, security and being grounded, the 2nd Chakra governs sexuality, self-worth and intimate relationships. While this is a very basic description my point is that each of the 7 Chakras has an important function and it is equally important that they be clear, centered and balanced.  

SE is offered in person and by distance, either way is just as effective.

Metatronia Alignment

Metatronia Therapy (MT) is a highly evolved energy frequency of light and assists in the process of alignment.  This is a healing of heart, mind and body, the systems are cleansed and rebalanced. 

The MT energy frequency grounds us and stimulates our thought processes helping to make them positive, energized and uplifting.  Metatron healing is a conscious light energy that works deeply at the core to free and align us with our true Spirit essence.   MT is offered in person and by distance and either way is just as effective.

    Biofield Sound Healing

    Biofield Tuning is vibrational sound balancing for physical, emotional and mental pain. It is a therapeutic method that uses tuning forks to detect and correct imbalances within the biomagnetic energy field that surrouds the human body. 

    Tuning forks are used like sonar as they move through the biofield to detect blockages of flow and disruptions in the field.  It can be beneficial for a range of symptoms; Insomnia, anxiety, various types of pain, emotional turbulence, digestive disorders, adrenal fatigue, overthinking, feeling stuck and more.  Biofield tuning is offered in person and by distance, either way is just as effective.

    ***Although I offer Biofield tuning as a single session, studies have established that it is most effective in at least three consecutive sessions.***


      A heart-based hands-on healing method used to profoundly accelerate the body’s own healing response. The session involves a circular breathing rhythm, body awareness and consciousness.


      The Emotional Freedom Technique is an emotional version of acupuncture but without needles, instead the energy meridian points on your body are stimulated by tapping them with fingertips. It is a tool that allows blocked energy to get unstuck and flow again.  It changes negative and painful feelings into free-flowing feelings of ease and well being.


        HEALING Q&A


        You don’t have to believe in energy but you do need to have an open mind about it.  Set a clear intention that you are open to receive healing energy in whatever way is best for you.  Wear loose fitting clothing. Drink plenty of water before and after session… show up.


        There are endless ways an Energy session can help. It helps balance the emotions… such as stress, worry, anxiety, depression and brings in relaxation. It helps with mental clarity, insomnia and mood swings. Can eliminate or reduce pain and discomfort.


        Many people report they feel various sensations and so yes, it is possible that you may also feel or sense energies. However, this is a very individual thing as some people are more sensitive than others so the scale of feeling something can go from zero to 100. What is important to remember is the energy goes where it needs to go whether you can feel it or not and the best evidence of that is the experience that follows whether it’s immediate, hours or days later when you feel the difference.


        Again this is very individual.  Depending on the circumstances some people get such relief the first session that I don’t see them again.  More typical is that whatever is the issue it’s been there for a while, often years, so it may take longer 3 – 6 sessions.  It just depends. My goal is to get you feeling better and I rely on you to tell me when you feel complete.

        RayNelle Williams

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