A Mentor is a reliable guiding light.  A Mentoring relationship is built on trust and connection where the focus is your personal success. It requires a strong dose of accountability, a willingness to learn and a commitment to take action. A Mentor relationship is a two-way street of openness, mutual respect and a commitment to reach your goal.

The mind can be a dangerous place to hang out. The inner games the mind plays can be smothering experiences like; doubt, challenging self image, guilt, questioning self value, shame, limiting thoughts and belittling beliefs or even denying your own passions because the mind says you don’t deserve it.

As Mentor I will share my knowledge, skills and expertise to help you create your version of success. You will be empowered to develop your strengths, inner clarity and self-knowledge that will be your lifelong personal qualities.

The Inner you knows there is another way but right now you haven’t got a clue how to begin the turnaround and that’s understandable. That’s why I’m here.!

This program is for the brave heart. You must know you’re ready to let go of the negative emotional & mental loops within. You must once and for all to be – Happy. Can you handle that?

Are you ready to be free from:

  • Self sabotage or fear of failure
  • Recurring negative thoughts or critical self-talk
  • Feeling discomfort or guilt saying “No”
  • Subordinating yourself in relationships
  • Minimizing your qualities and value

Do you want to experience:

  • Peace of mind, joy and freedom
  • Fierce confidence and courage
  • Self Love and comfort in your own unique skin
  • The life of your BIG dreams

RayNelle Williams

Phone: 650-262-6810