quote-purpleMy job left me feeling like two cents.  I was a senior project manager.  Where had my confidence and knowledge gone?  I had managed many multi-million dollar projects successfully, and here this little company was telling me I was a pile of old shoes.
I called RayNelle and scheduled a session. We spent an hour on the phone.  Then, she said, “Go take a walk, have a cup of tea and come back and write down everything YOU want in your dream job. What will make YOU HAPPY”?  RayNelle’s intuition and questions were powerful, making me rethink and get over the FEAR I had every time I walked into my supervisor’s office.  She seems to have insight into the soul.  I cannot believe my turnaround from when we first spoke about this issue to how I feel today.  I am on top of the world!  RayNelle believed in me, effectively helping me through this painful period.  While I cannot explain how this energy technique worked so well, it did.  Thank you, RayNelle.  I would be glad to share even more about this experience.

Marcia L. Davis, Sr. Project Manager, Minneapolis, MN

quote-purple I’m calling to say thank you for the 15 minutes you spent with me at the healing festival.  I can’t believe it, but for the past week, I have had such great physical energy. I even cleaned the gutters around my house and did yard work that I had put off for months.  The pain in my shoulder is gone and I haven’t had a headache either.  I don’t know what you did but thank you so much, your hands are magical.  I’ll be calling you for a touch up if I need one.

Penny C., Environmentalist

quote-purpleJust came back from Lake Tahoe with my husband and some friends. I had a massage and went on some walks.  It was really beautiful up there in the mountains.  Thanks for checking in.  You have helped me immensely.

Love, Elaine

quote-purpleI have seen therapists at certain times of my life only to stop when they got to the hard stuff.  I never really felt like I was relieved of any of the negative energy that I had stored up inside of me.  I then met a kind and gentle women who introduced me to Energy Balancing.  I have worked with RayNelle on weight issues and abandonment issues and all I can say is that “this energy stuff works.”  With the guidance of RayNelle, she will support you through the steps to bring happiness and positive energy to your life.

Thank you from my heart, Alissa  J. E.

quote-purpleI was surprised to the point of shock at the power contained in this subtle energy process.  And over the phone no less.  I have had recurring nightmares for years; haven’t had a good nights sleep in I don’t know how long.  Not only did I go to sleep after we talked, I slept until 11am the next morning and I’ve been sleeping 5-6 hours a night consistently for a couple weeks now.  WOW!!!   You have no idea what this has done for my ability to think clearly.

Thanks, H.R. Harrington, Atlanta, GA

quote-purpleYou amaze me, RayNelle.  Did you feel me thinking about you?  JUST YESTERDAY I was making a note to schedule time with you again.  I’m doing really well in the areas we addressed so deeply.  Fantastic in fact!

M.F. , Thousand Oaks

quote-purpleA quick note of thanks for the seminar last night. I was really glad I was able to attend!  I was impressed with your audience control, pacing and good humor during the event. Your enthusiasm is a definite bonus!  I got a good nights sleep and feel more renewed this morning than I have in months. I also feel that I’ve been armed with tools to be able to transform any area of choice for the future.  Talk about feeling POWERFUL! Dance of joy!  Dance of joy!

The Red Haired Woman

quote-purpleI am so glad I did this numerology reading with you RayNelle.  I had no idea the information you can get from all those numbers, it just looks like numbers to me.  You nailed everything about me and my tendency to give myself away in relationships.  I appreciate how kind you were in offering guidance on how to “reprogram” (that’s a great word) my negative patterns and I am doing it because it’s easy.  Thank you again.

James R.

quote-purpleI have had several numerology readings in my life but I have never experienced anything like what you do.  Is that really numerology?  It’s very different than anything I have ever experienced and I’ve had several readings.  You described my relationship with my kids to a tee. I don’t understand it but I liked it and I appreciate the guidance you have given me.  I have wanted to write all my life but I never had the confidence to do it, so thank you for all the caring and support you bring to your work… So awesome.  Thank you. Thank you.

Diana R. Foster, Los Angeles

quote-purpleI truly appreciate you checking  on my progress.  I’m very happy with my experience with you. I think of all therapies that I tried, this has been the best so far.   I’m amazed how good I felt after the session.

Thank you, Patricia

quote-purpleI have been so happy. Yes, I am doing fine.  I passed my test.  I didn’t have any of that anxiety I used to have so I didn’t freeze up at all AND I PASSED. Ha ha ha ha.  Thank you.


quote-purpleI truly believe 100% that everything happens for a reason. Everything that we do, everything we experience, and everyone we meet are attracted into our lives at the exact time they are supposed to be by our thoughts sent into the universe. From the very moment I came in contact with RayNelle, I knew it was for a purpose far beyond my understanding. I’ve never met someone who knew everything about me without even physically meeting or speaking a word to one another, until my initial meeting with RayNelle.

Things that I didn’t know or understand about myself were also laid on the table before me, with corresponding answers as to why things were the way they were. I was at the lowest point in my life when I was introduced to RayNelle through my life coach. I wasn’t the slightest bit skeptical of her practice, because I was willing to do anything I could to feel something other than the way I was feeling at the time. I traveled from Los Angeles up to Ventura for our healing sessions, and the whole way there I had feelings of self doubt and depression.

I won’t bore with descriptive details of our sessions, but I will say that I have tried many methods of obtaining peace and understanding in my life, but none have come remotely close to the things I have learned and experienced through RayNelle. I’ve been interested in numerology for a few months, but I was exposed to much more than I knew was included in it’s teachings. I even had my girlfriends numbers done so I could reach a better understanding of her and the way we react to one another.

The energy healing sessions are something that cannot be put into words. It’s an out of body experience that helps you to fully understand that this body is only a shell that we use to move about the earth. In 1 months time (3 sessions), I’ve been given the tools and the insight to guide myself back into a life of pure bliss. I haven’t reached my bliss just yet, but I can feel it at the end of my fingertips. To go from being at a point of wanting to end my own life, to feeling fulfilled with self love and self empowerment is a testament to how strong RayNelle’s teachings are. I wish everyone could experience the things I have experienced with RayNelle, no matter how positive or negative you view your life currently. The benefits are extraordinary. I honestly don’t feel as though I would be able to wake up everyday with the strength to push forward had we never been introduced. But then again, we create what we need in our lives, so the universe sent what I needed just when I needed it. 🙂

Thank you for being a blessing to this world. You are truly an angel sent from GOD.

DeWayne McMurry

Oct 2013

quote-purple I wanted to let you know of the tremendous healing that came after your readings with my mom and I.  Something shifted as a result of our readings.

First, my being able to fully voice and project all the self hatred of my own onto my mom was nothing short of cathartic. What happened afterward was nothing short of miraculous.

Yesterday at dinner I spoke honestly with my mom, telling her of my disappointment that she could not be more honest with me about her true feelings and what was true and real for her. After some initial hesitation, she opened up and we talked for the first time as two adults relating instead of the masks of mother and daughter. It was amazing.

I realized through her stories about her interaction with you that she is actually very insightful and smart and funny and amazing. I told her so and realized for the first time that the energy of dislike was not there for the first time that I can remember. She also mentioned that she thought of her mother as a burden and often didn’t give her credit for how smart she really was. She spoke of her mother for the first time fondly and with admiration—I never heard her speak of her mother that way.

I sat there last night I could simply not believe the healing that was taking place that spanned generations before me.

I want you to know how powerful an intuitive, healer and counselor you are. She mentioned that the only reason she was able to go there with you was because of your safe energy. She felt for the first time she was able to unburden herself.

I am grateful beyond grateful for your friendship and your amazing abilities. I know you will be and are a gift to the world.

Have a wonderful Sunday my blessed talented friend.
xxoxoxo M.V. Pasadena

quote-purple Authentic. The real deal. Raynelle never met me before last night, yet, she was able to tap into the very depths of my being. I asked for nothing yet she give me a road map that was clearly defined and one I recognized as mine. She explained to me about strengths I came into the world with, the destiny I was seeking and how to balance the two. That’s when she gave me the roadmap; how to get there.

What can one do when you’re face to face with a person that’s channeling a higher power and the information she’s giving you is just for you? I’ll tell you what happened to me. My jaw dropped, I realized Raynelle is real. And then I listened. She’s the One you’re looking for. Believe me when I say, I was seeking the answer to a question I didn’t know. She opened to the universe and the information came through her. Her energy is beautiful, loving, and honest.

Hope to see you again soon. Please use the above as a testimonial. I wasn’t quite sure how to post on your website. Let me know it you want me to post there.

Thank you Raynelle.

December 2013