Here goes~  

I have been aware of my intuitive gifts since the early years. At about 7 years old I had a visitation that to this day I can only remember the feeling of love from a bright light.  Once I began to share experiences with my Mother she helped me know of the spiritual world and shared stories of her mother who had “the gift”. As a young child I was psychically receiving, sensing and feeling things not physically experienced by others – but I didn’t know that.  After many events, dreams that actually happened, visitations from departed loved ones all of which I openly talked about, my Mother in her efforts to keep me safe basically scared the crap out of me by warning that it was not safe and to stop it.  So I did.  

 ‘I will forever hone my abilities to be the highest expression of Love possible’

By my early 20’s I started reading metaphysical books, attending seminar and meeting people who understood and accepted what I am and encouraged me on.  For the next years I took courses from recognized teachers and healers on subtle energy, quantum physics, chakras, astrology, numerology, metaphysics, intuition etc, and received certifications in alternative healing modalities that ultimately boosted my latent abilities… I have never called myself psychic but rather an intuitive; a highly sensitive person who is attuned to energies.  (by the way intuition is no mystery we all have it…  you must recognize and use it.!)   

“Move out of your head and into your Heart”  Dr. James Martin Peebles  

In 2009 I made my first trip to Brasil to be in the energy of John of God, a world renowned medium of healing energies.  While there I experienced a number of Spiritual experiences…. a whole other magical story.  It created a major shift in my life. Everything about me changed and expanded and deepened. After two decades of successful corporate careers I was exhausted of the double life; executive by day and Spiritual Healer by night – I had kept these worlds completely separate. By mid 2010 I was done … I walked out of the board room for the last time. The guidance was clear – ‘it’s time NOW …go and BE Who You Are.’  I returned to Brasil in 2010 again to see John of God (Joao de Deus) from then my life forever changed.

“It’s not about the money or ‘lofty’ titles you acquire,
it’s about knowing you are a Sovereign Being … that’s Inner Peace.”

As I closed the corporate door with gratitude and openly embraced me, I realized there was a much deeper personal discovery at hand. My own inner work quickened requiring that I integrate all parts of myself and transcend my experiences with; fears, doubts, shame, divorces(2), guilt and financial ruin.  I learned to flow with the tides of life observing my shifting perspectives when the waves crash around me and I want to scream … to being present in my heart right now and allowing whatever is… to just BE …and my heart smiles.

‘I had to conquer my fears ~ my Soul wasn’t having it anymore’

In 2003 I received this message  …

“Have you ever become so distracted by everything around you…
…that you lost sight of who you really are?
If this question tugs at your heart then your journey to Be Who You Are has begun.
To Be Who You Are is your reawakening…
A rebirth of self-acceptance, self-appreciation and self-love.
…Be Who You Are ~ And Be Free… “

My lifelong knowing is that I am here to be of service in the highest possible way. Along the way I became a wife and mother, completed my MBA and a high achiever in business.  My life has taken me from the cornfields of the mid-west to board rooms around this country.  From the many leadership roles I have “played” there is one thing I know for sure;

“If you are the leader in a career, you are first the leader in your own life                                             …and the primary career is you.!”

Today I am a trusted and sought after Healer and Teacher. I work with people all over and from all walks of life, gender and age. I deliver customized workshops, team building events and inspirational talks to any size organization.  I facilitate personal growth via mentoring programs for individuals.  It is sheer joy for me and Yes I am in service in the highest possible way.!

I currently spend my off time with my four adult children who are each bright lights and highly conscious beings – I love them dearly. We love our animal family members, we enjoy the ocean and playtime at the beach, hiking, anything in nature really, laughing and eating good food.  We consciously support Earth Mother Gaia in her Ascension and do all we can for the Animal Kingdoms.

I look forward to connecting with you and your friends and family !

Many Blessings!