Numerologist | Mentor | Healer

Numerologist | Mentor | Healer


I am Intuitive Healer, Mentor and Numerologist. My methods are primarily energetic and I will teach you how to harness your boundless energy. I teach people how to transcend the mind and its nonstop invasion of your happiness. I will teach you to remember the truth of who you are and how to Be that in a most reverent way. Engage with me and you will embody your purpose, authority and your undeniable worthiness… It is your birthright.


I am a Mentor, Healer and Numerologist. My focus is to guide individuals, partners and families to a place of harmony, free of barriers, limitations and negative beliefs. I am highly sensitive therefore my intuition plays a large role in the information I receive that point me in the direction of clarity and transformation for you.

I am here to support you with practical tools and guidance so that you can Be Who You Are and live a purposeful Life.

My greatest joy is teaching whether as a Mentor, workshop facilitator or online classes. People have experienced subtle and profound healings and openings through the groups, private sessions and programs I offer. I am here to help people move beyond their mental and emotional obstacles of fear and shame so they can live the meaningful life they have earned.

I am Mother to four thriving adults, the lights of my life. At the height of my corporate career I was the Deputy Insurance Commissioner for Washington State, I was also a Consultant and Executive Coach. I led national project teams, redesigned organizations, supervised management level staff… etc.  Throughout this work I honed my skills for working with people who were high-achievers yet tortured inside. They were stressed, uncertain and afraid. It was in this environment where I discovered my natural abilities to heal and transform.

After 25 years of expansive corporate success I finally embraced the work I was born to do, I am honored to be of service to you.


I have seen therapists at certain times of my life only to stop when they got to the hard stuff. I never really felt like I was relieved of any of the negative energy that I had stored up inside of me. I then met a kind and gentle women who introduced me to Energy Balancing.

I have worked with RayNelle on weight issues and abandonment issues and all I can say is that “this energy stuff works.” With the guidance of RayNelle she will support you through the steps to bring happiness and positive energy to your life.


Alissa E.

RayNelle is one of the finest healers I’ve ever had the privilege of working
with. She truly walks the walk, and talks the talk. In her presence, you feel
affirmed, uplifted, and joyful. Her wisdom and insight have changed my life
in only a few sessions. She has a keen intuitive sense for what I need to
release, and she does this masterfully with tapping (EFT) and energy work
on the table. She is also a gifted clairvoyant. She has seen beautiful things
in my future that have now manifested in my life, or are on the way. She is
so tapped into the divine that all of the healing and intuitive guidance she
gives you is always positive and in your highest good. Do you not miss an
opportunity to work with RayNelle – she is the best!”


Christina McMahon

“I went to see RayNelle out of curiosity about this tapping technique,
because of what a friend had told me about it; I had little knowledge of
tapping, so no expectations. I was feeling good when I arrived for my
appointment, so how it was possible to feel even better after the session
than when I came in, I don’t know–but I did. The session deeply moved me,
and helped me to make a positive shift regarding the issue I chose to
address. I recommend the EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) experience
with warm, wise, and gentle RayNelle to anyone who wants to inwardly tune
in and transform their experience of some important aspect of life.”


Sonia Nordenson, Editor

“My experience working with RayNelle was completely life changing! When I signed up for our four meetings, I kept an open mind about what I was getting myself into, and was willing to be taken on a journey of discovering
my Higher Self, and connecting to Spirit. RayNelle opened each session with meditation, and guided me deeper and deeper within myself. I am truly grateful Spirit guided me to contact RayNelle. Working with her has been amazing, and could not have come at a better time in my life!
I HIGHLY suggest that you sign up for healing sessions, or anything else your Spirit desires. You will be so happy you did!
Thanks for everything! Have a great day,


Michelle Henderson

“I experienced a treatment from RayNelle and was able to resolve a long-standing issue that I had been really STUCK on.  It’s hard to describe how or why it worked, but the result for me was the resolution of a family issue I had been avoiding like the plague.  I am SO relieved and grateful for her help with this, teaching me to dump the weight of this heavy issue.


Ronelle Wood – MFR Specialist

Authentic. The real deal. RayNelle never met me before last night, yet, she was able to tap into the very depths of my being. I asked for nothing yet she give me a road map that was clearly defined and one I recognized as mine. She explained to me about strengths I came into the world with, the destiny I was seeking and how to balance the two. That’s when she gave me the roadmap; how to get there.  

What can one do when you’re face to face with a person that’s channeling a higher power and the information she’s giving you is just for you?  I’ll tell you what happened to me. My jaw dropped, I realized RayNelle is real. And then I listened. She’s the One you’re looking for. Believe me when I say, I was seeking the answer to a question I didn’t know. She opened to the universe and the information came through her. Her energy is beautiful, loving, and honest.

Thankyou RayNelle.  Hope to see you again soon.



Numerology WORKSHOP

WHEN: February 9th, 1pm3pm


COST: $20

It’s the beginning of a New Year and there is much to know about the potentials for you in 2019. I love teaching Numerology, it’s a lot of fun and you’ll get to know yourself and others in so many different ways!

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RayNelle Williams

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